Bachad – Friends of Bnei Akiva

What We Do

The Friends of Bnei Akiva is a registered charity whose stated aims are to promote Jewish religious education and provide educational and vocational training for Jewish youth.

Friends of Bnei Akiva works closely, in a spirit of friendship and co-operation, with Bnei Akiva. Its members, made up of parents, former members and well-wishers, fundraise for capital projects, as well as supporting Bnei Akiva with funds for its educational work.

Friends of Bnei Akiva also provide grants for needy individual children to go towards the cost of various Bnei Akiva camps, Israel trips, and other events.

Only in Britain is there this unique partnership spanning the generations. It happens in no other country and for no other movement. If you would like to become involved, call Friends of Bnei Akiva on 020 8458 9370 or e-mail us at

Bachad Committee

Deborah Kestenbaum (Chair), Lawrence Susser (Vice-Chair), Simon Renshaw (Financial Representative), Harry Klahr, Debbie Kobrin, Martin Kurzer, Neil Levinson, Michael Peters, Alex Schajer, Danny Seal, John Jeffay (Manchester), Tony Richards (Manchester), Simon Myerson (Leeds), Aharon Yechezkel (Leeds) & Lloyd Faber (Glasgow).


Before the Second World War there existed a religious Zionist youth movement in Germany called Brit Chalutzim Datiim, shortened to its initial letters Bachad. Its members prepared themselves…

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