Veida 5773 live update

Written live by: Ezra Taylor

Chair: Adam Boxer

First motion: (Passed)

CA F19:

Previous text: It is the responsibility of the proposer of any motion to work with the implementation of their motion with the Hanhalla. It is the duty of the Rosh Nivchar to report to Bogrim on this progress.


Amended text: It is the duty of the Hanhalla to implement any motion passed at Veida. It is the responsibility of the proposer of any motion, or any Mas Chaver paying members of the eldest two of the four Gimmel shvatim, together with the Mas Chaver paying bogrim, to work with the Hanhalla to implement their motion and hold them accountable if they fail to do so. It is the duty of the Rosh Nivchar to report to the bogrim on this progress.


Proposed: Jamie Gance

Seconded: Eli Baruch


Second motion:

This Veida believes that the motion which stated “This Veida believes that if an Israeli flag is raised at a UK Summer Machane site, the Union flag should also be raised.” should be overturned.


Proposed: Ben Davis

Seconded: Daniel Ross

Amendment: Harry Levine

For:”encourages lack of zionism”

Against “we’ve been given a home in the uk” – Gad Harari

Due to the topic this will have no more details posted online asides for the result of the motion

Amendment: …. if a flag is raised at a uk summer machane site, the union flag should also be raised [below the israeli flag] [should be overturned]

Original motion struck !!!

An amendment attempted to made “only the semmel raised” – Max Sherrard – P.O.I  “Foreign flags higher may mean declaration of war” – David  Shaw


Third Motion:

This Veida believes that all proposed motions should be published before Veida; 24 hours prior where possible.

Proposed: Ariel Sint

Seconded: Alex Dover

Amendment from Ariel Weise

This veida believes that all proposed motions should/must be published before, or at the beginning, of Veida; [24 hours prior where possible].


Question session what do you want to ask the new mazkirut ????


This Veida believes that netilat yadayim cups should be supplied in bathrooms at all overnight Bnei Akiva events.

Proposed: Geulah Fink

Seconded: Ezra Cohen

A move to vote has been called

moved to vote

Motion passed!!!!!


This Veida believes that every machane will complete either a full massechet of mishnayot or a full book of Tanach collectively as a machane, for example by way of divrei torah at mealtimes from the chanichim on specific chapters/parts of the book of tanach/massechet.

Proposed: Jonny Brull

Seconded: Shira Goldstein-Hill

Amendment: [endeavour to (complete…..)]

Amendment: [ complete a jewish safer up to the discretion of the rosh ]

Motion failed


This Veida believes that all depictions of the map of the State of Israel should reflect Palestinian claims to the West Bank and Gaza by drawing a solid line around the Gaza Strip, and a dotted line around the West Bank specifically on the chomer and on BA branded clothing.

Proposed: Rafi Dover

Seconded: Joe Benedyk
A move to vote in parts has been called

Motion failed


Chair closes veida

Voting for hanhalla will now commence