September 8th, 2016

Under the pressure of never-ending technological development, habitual ways of business development are being modified. Just a few decades ago businessmen had to organize physical repositories to exchange some confidential documents with their potential partners or they were expected to hand all the documents in person in a course of face-to-face negotiations. But, with the emergence of virtual platforms, a new way of documents sharing appeared.

A virtual platforms is digital space for digital copies of secret corporate information and the entrance to the repository might be opened for selected groups of users. Traditionally, virtual repositories are equipped with sophisticated security system. Hence, you must not fear any data leakage, unauthorized sharing, misuse, destruction, loss, etc. Protection is ensured by such instruments as regular backups, two-step user verification, dynamic watermarks, firewalls, data encryption, virus scanning and a few other unique instruments intrinsic to reputable virtual rooms.

Aside from military-level data protection, a VDR is also famous for its constant accessibility: you can enter the platform whenever it is convenient for you at any geographical location and proceed with the work even without your PC or laptop via your mobile devices. It means that you can share information with your transborder partners, investors, employees, etc. without any additional efforts and that the accomplishment of the transaction is always in progress: you do not need to take irritating business trips and to take part in personal negotiations. In addition, if you utilize virtual repositories for accomplishment of the deals you have a chance to talk about all the documents directly within the VDR with the help of Q&A section. >>>

Also, a virtual repository constitutes a highly functional environment. The platform is normally supplied with a wide range of features that accelerate and enhance the deal-making process. For example, you will not manage not to notice advantages guaranteed by sophisticated search instruments, filtering functions, in-document linking options, by integration with Microsoft Office software. All the mentioned features give you an opportunity to use the room intuitively, to fit the virtual room to your own operations, to examine documents directly in a virtual repository. It means that, a room provides you with the workspace which is equally convenient for dealing with the potential partners and investors and for for your own data storage.

When dealing with communication with your partners, you are not supposed to bother with organizing multiple virtual repositories for all the new operations. The VDR lets you to separate room users into different groups and to share only selected files with certain groups. Therefore, one virtual platform is enough for concurrent accomplishment of diverse transactions. Also, all the room visitors can browse the information simultaneously and any of the transactions is left behind due to the VDR being busy with the potential partners working on the other operation.

In addition, when exploiting a room you are sure what occurs in your room: activity tracking feature registers all the actions that take place inside the room. Thus, whatever a user performs in the data room – view, download, modify files – it is captured and included in an audit report. The report helps you to identify the most engaged users, to check what your employees do, etc.

The other peculiar characteristic of rooms is that you can make your data room consistent with your company’s image by adding logos in emails, reports, other documents, by designing your virtual platform in certain colours, etc. That is why, by purchasing a branded resource, you make your virtual room share your enterprise on the Internet to all the potential partners and investors all over the planet.

The peculiarities named above make it clear to some extent why virtual rooms are demanded in the market and why businessmen give preference to the usage of virtual platforms. These digital spaces can be adjusted to your deal’s needs and make the transaction be executed faster. Meanwhile, virtual rooms keep on being affordable and you have no doubts that you are paying only for the functions you lack in order to achieve success. Thus, there is no reason to ignore virtual data rooms and to remain loyal to old ways of making business. Novel nature of VDRs will provide you with all the necessary aspects that you need for being successful!

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