The Mazkir Muses: Chief Rabbi Visit

March 1st, 2011

Tonight was a big night for Bnei Akiva as over 100 people came to the London Bayit to hear Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks speak about the Mishkan and our job in this world. Beforehand, the Chief Rabbi had dinner with the Mazkirut, discussing vital issues of the day such as criticising Israel and how to interact with non-religious organisations. The Chief Rabbi also recorded a message for BATV: Yediot, which is coming soon…

The Bayit was buzzing, as we hope it will be for next week’s Limmud, where we pay tribute to Arieh Handler, one of the founding fathers of Bnei Akiva UK, with a launch of his biography ‘Modest Jewish Hero’ at 8.30pm.

What’s more, TAFKIDIM applications have been released – prompting a flurry of interest, which resulted in over 25 people applying in the first few hours! We’re looking forward to a massive summer!

From my point of view, tonight represented a turning point in the year – not only because of these two big events, but also the fact that the Mazkirut are now exactly half-way through the year, which finishes on 31st August. We feel that it’s been an intensely rewarding first six months, with much achieved and yet so much more to do.

So, on to the Second Half! Aloh Na’aleh!

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The Mazkir Muses

January 26th, 2011

Hi everyone!

Back in the day, Bnei Akiva produced a monthly magazine called Yediot, which was full of BA news, articles, sviva reports and pictures – plus a column called ‘The Mazkir Muses’. Following on from our brand new website, Bnei Akiva is moving with the times and this column is now a web blog! And I thought I’d start by updating you about what’s going on in the wonderful world of Bnei Akiva…

One of the most exciting things that has happened has been the arrival of the Shoham family as the new Northern Shlichim. Hagai has already made a big impact on machane, where he stayed on Ma’apilim and Gimmel, and I’m sure that they will revitalise activities in the North.

The Mazkirut just came back from World Veida in Israel. This is a phenomenal event, taking place every 4 or 5 years, which gathers leaders of Bnei Akiva from over 30 countries. As well as deciding on the direction

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of World Bnei Akiva and voting on decisions and electing people, we were able to meet and share ideas with the Mazkiruyot of Australia, USA, South Africa and many more. It was also a great chance to spend time with Hachshara, both at the Shabbat Veida and at the gala concert, which featured Shimon Peres and the Maccabeats (not together though!).

And now it’s Shabbat Ha’Irgun season…we have got so many coming up – starting with Edgware this week! So all in all there’s a lot going on – and I haven’t even mentioned Israel Machane – applications are literally clogging up the mailbox as we speak!

BVSLTVA, Michael

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