Welcome to our Chinuch area. Education is at the forefront of what Bnei Akiva does, and you are at the right place to find out all about it.


Our weekly Choveret provides the educational content for the activities we run across the UK. Designed especially for our Madrichim, the Choveret teaches about a new topic each week and gives ideas for Shabbat afternoon activities.

Shabbat Lashem

Shabbat Lashem is our weekly Parasha sheet with Divrei Torah from our Rav Shaliach, as well as Madrichim and Bogrim of the movement. It is distributed to over 50 Shuls and student centres across the UK and e-mailed to over 1,000 people.


Hadracha is the method of teaching our ‘derech’ to Chanichim. Countless peulot (activity sessions) have been written by Madrichim, some of which can be found here.


Each year we produce Torat HaBayit, our ideological journal, as well as other one-off publications. Come and see what’s on offer…


In need of a shiur? Here you’ll get access to many classic Bnei Akiva shiurim written for all ages and levels.