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Throughout the past 80 years Bnei Akiva UK and Mizrachi UK have continuously inspired the Modern Orthodox, Religious Zionist Jewish community both here and in Israel. Together, they have significantly
deepened the Jewish commitment of the community, to Torat Yisrael, Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael.

At the centre of the development of this ideology was the passionate, determined and influential individual,
Arieh Handler. From a young age, Arieh was a leading figure in the community surrounding him. Whether that
was helping Jews to escape Germany in the years preceding the Holocaust, creating a new community
preparing people for Aliyah, or being a key part in the establishment of the State of Israel. Nearly 100 years
after he began this journey of creating an ideology focused on Torah and Zionism, it is clear see that his vision
continues to inspire our community.

Date: Sunday 4th December 2016

This dinner provides a great opportunity to celebrate Arieh and his legacy, found in the work of Bnei Akiva UK and Mizrachi UK.

You can reserve tickets and donate online using the PayPal link below or you can send a cheque – made out to Bnei Akiva & Mizrachi Dinner – to Sarah Peston, Friends of Bnei Akiva & Mizrachi Dinner, 2 Hallswelle Road London NW11 0DJ


Ticket (suggested voluntary donation £180)

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