Spending a year in Israel is costly and if you feel that your family may need some financial assistance, please read through the information below.

Every applicant who participates in a Bnei Akiva year scheme is automatically entitled to a universal subsidy (grant) of $500 from Masa from the cost of their programme – no proof of income is necessary. Click here to fill out the application. If you feel you need additional financial help, there is also an option to apply for a Masa needs-based scholarship on the application form. A step by step Masa guideline will be sent to you on your request for financial assistance.

In addition to the above both the UJIA and Bnei Akiva also allocate bursary awards, and these trust funds require a fully comprehensive form. All forms are strictly confidential. Please note that before applying for these grants you must apply for a Masa Needs-based scholarship.

It is strongly recommended besides applying to the above trust funds you also look into raising money yourselves from other charitable funds as the money allocated to you may not fully cover all your financial needs.

For further information please speak in confidence to Lorraine Reid on 020 8209 1319 or email lorraine@bauk.org

Bnei Akiva gratefully appreciates the generous support of the Danielle and Michael Gross Bursaries provided through UJIA