Kaytana: Fun and volunteering in Israel

24th July-3rd August 2016 (TBC)

kaytana poster

Every summer Bnei Akiva sends first-time Madrichim in Year 12 to Israel in order to run Kaytana (summer day camp) for Israeli underprivileged children. Our goal is to create a Bnei Akiva machane experience for the Chanichim, to boost their confidence and self-esteem and to run exciting activities. Kaytana takes place in the Emunah Sarah Herzog Children’s Centre in the Israeli town of Afula, a centre built by UK Emunah.

As well as the actual Kaytana, the Madrichim get to spend time volunteering with Israelis at various charities and spend a beautiful Shabbat in the Old City. Kaytana is about putting into action the Bnei Akiva ideology of Torah Va’Avodah by learning and giving to Israeli society where it needs us most. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

This project aims to:

  • Provide a meaningful, educational and enjoyable experience for the Israeli Chanichim, many of whom have never experienced machane before.
  • Give our madrichim a first-hand experience and insight into Israeli society so that they can share their experiences upon their return to the UK.
  • Allow the madrichim to contribute to Israel via themselves as individuals and as part of Bnei Akiva.
  • Provide our madrichim with a deeper Israeli experience that will further the one encountered from the previous year on Israel Machane.

This exciting programme relies on external funding and we would be grateful for donations towards this important project.

Click here if you are in year 12 and wish to apply for a tafkid at Kaytana or to apply for any other summer tafkid this year.