Machane Conduct

Behaviour Agreement

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Please read through this section very carefully.

Anti-social behaviourlly with your child before signing the agreement at the bottom of the medical form. The rules are set down very carefully to protect your child, and to ensure their safety and wellbeing whilst away from home.

Unreasonable behaviour and disobedience that causes disruption and upset to the camp as a whole will not be tolerated. It is not acceptable that the enjoyment of other participants or members of staff at the camp will be ruined by the behaviour of an individual. The Rosh Machane has the discretion to discipline a child who behaves in such a manner.

Madrichim (Leaders)

Participants are expected to listen to all members of staff, follow their instructions and treat them with respect at all times.


Smoking is forbidden at all Bnei Akiva activities. Anyone found smoking or in the possession of cigarettes will be dealt with seriously.


Any child caught in possession of any illegal substances will immediately be excluded from the programme.


Bullying, whether of a verbal or a physical nature, or any behaviour by an individual or group, which causes anxiety or spoils the enjoyment of others, will not be tolerated. The Rosh Machane, in consultation with the Mazkir, has the discretion to contact parents and where necessary, send a child home.

Damage to property

Any child who wilfully damages the property of either Bnei Akiva, a fellow participant, the campsite or any other property will be charged in full for any costs incurred. Should the individual not be traced, the costs may be incurred by a group of individuals.

Religious Observance

Bnei Akiva is a Religious Zionist movement and, as such, we expect all our participants at camp to respect our atmosphere of religious observance, regardless of their personal commitment or religious background.
All participants are expected to fully observe the laws of Kashrut, prayer and Shabbat. Clear guidelines are given to participants regarding the interaction between boys and girls.

Dress code

You are especially reminded to ensure that your child does not bring immodest or unsuitable clothing to Machane. Girls’ skirts should cover their knees and skin-tight clothing is not to be worn by either sex. All t-shirts must cover the midriff (even when stretching up) and sleeveless vest tops are not permitted for boys or girls. If leggings/tight trousers are worn beneath a skirt, the skirt must still reach below the knee as leggings are not an alternative to trousers. Tight trousers are acceptable when covered with a skirt to below the knee. It is up to the discretion of the staff to ask any participant to change. Please note that all body piercings are strictly forbidden, with the exception of ear piercings which are permitted for girls only. These basic guidelines are designed to ensure that all our camps operate within the religious framework that we educate towards.

A serious breach of these basic religious principles may result in disciplinary action being taken.