Machane FAQ

BAK_0011Can I pay for Machane using charity cheques?

Charity vouchers cannot be accepted as payment for any camp. Cheques should be made payable to Bnei Akiva.

Are there provisions for assistance with payment?

If you feel you are unable to pay the full cost or would like to discuss an alternative method of payment, please contact Sharon Kenley. With the support of Bachad-Friends of Bnei Akiva and UJIA, we aim to assist any family who cannot afford the full cost of camp. However, you must apply as early as possible with a small deposit of £25 so a provisional place can be booked for your child.

You will be required to supply financial information as part of the application. Please be assured that all grant forms are dealt with in a strictly confidential manner.

Does Bnei Akiva accept foreign applicants to machane?

Bnei Akiva will only accept applicants from people outside the UK provided that the following terms are met:

A temporary guardian living in the U.K. must be appointed to take full responsibility for your child while he/she is at camp.

The nominated person must send with the application, a written undertaking that they will be responsible for: Taking and collecting your child to and from the coach departure point;  Collecting your child if for any reason he/she needs to return early from camp.

Your child should have a reasonable level of English; otherwise he/she will not feel comfortable taking part in activities.

The group insurance does not cover applicants from outside the UK. Therefore, please take out your own insurance to cover travel, medical, personal belongings and cancellation. Please send us a photocopy of your policy with your application.

Please add £15 extra per cheque if you are not paying with a sterling cheque (this is the charge we incur from our bank).

Does my child need to bring any money to machane?

Tuck is sold at the camps and we recommend that no more than £10 (winter) or £20 (summer) should be taken for pocket money. For Bet Chalutzi please bring up to €20 and £10. Upon arrival at camp all monies are deposited in the ‘Camp Bank’ and automatically deducted after any purchases. Bnei Akiva will not be responsible for any money not given in on arrival.

Can my child bring a mobile phone to machane?

Bnei Akiva strongly recommends that NO child should bring a mobile phone to machane. Our policy differs for different machanot and you will be advised of the specific mobile phone policy for your machane upon application.

Who will I be able to contact during machane?

There will be an answering machine at the London Bayit (020 8209 1319) at all times when the phones are not manned. This will be listened to at regular intervals throughout camp. On the first day, a message will be left on the answer phone after 6.00pm confirming that all coaches have arrived at camp safely. Emergency contact numbers will be given on the answer phone message and if you have an urgent problem you may call one of these numbers.

Can my child leave or return to somewhere other than their home town?

No child will be allowed to travel to or from any destination other than their home town, unless a written request is received at the office. If there is room on the coach a written acceptance will be sent to you. This is to avoid dangerous overcrowding on a coach. Requests by telephone will not be accepted.

When will I find out travel details?

Travel details will be sent out four weeks before departure with addresses of the camps.

Where will there be travel from?

Coaches will leave from London and Manchester. If there are more than ten children travelling from another city, Bnei Akiva will endeavour, where possible, to arrange transport. Otherwise, it will be the parents’ responsibility to take their child to a coach stop.

What are the rules of Machane?

Before applying for machane we ask that every chanich agrees to the behaviour agreement which can be seen by clicking here.