Machane Insurance Policy

It is compulsory for every child on Bnei Akiva camp to take out insurance. This must include the cover for cancellation and loss of personal belongings. We pay in advance for all accommodation, coaches, food etc. and we, therefore cannot give a refund to any child who falls ill just before camp, or becomes ill during camp and has to return home.

Applicants may either take out the Bnei Akiva group insurance (by adding the stated amount in the brochure, to the cost of camp) with our insurance company, or take out their own cover. If you choose to take out the group policy, please read through the full policy wording.

Download the Summer Machane 5774 Insurance Policy

Download the Summer Machane 5774 Insurance Policy Wording

Download the Summer Machane 5774 Client Agreement

If you have your own family annual insurance policy or wish to buy your own policy to cover your child while at camp, please read through the policy very carefully as many policies only cover children if they are actually holidaying with their parents and will not cover their time at camp.

The closing date for camp applications is 30th May 2014, if we do not receive an application including the payment for insurance, or a subsequent payment for insurance, by this closing date, unfortunately, your child will not be included in the group scheme and it will be your responsibility to find insurance for them.