Bet Chalutzi

Bet Chalutzi – Year 9: A Dutch Adventure!

For our Year 9 chanichim, we are proud to continue our tradition of taking you on a European adventure to Holland! Bet Chalutzi is a camp unlike any other – get ready for the amazing rollercoaster ride that will have you gripped from beginning to end… and we’re not just talking about the theme park!

Bet Chalutzi offers you all the amazing parts of Bnei Akiva Machane plus fun days out to theme parks, Amsterdam and of course, Anne Frank’s house. This camp is where we get serious about fun and serious about Israel. Learn about everything from the first ideas of a Jewish State to the fulfilment of an age-old dream in 1948, moving on to how Israel has become the country we know and love today. Experience the magic with your friends in Holland, as part of Bnei Akiva’s thrilling Bet Chalutzi experience.