Yachad is designed for our chanichim who need one to one attention and extra support but would still love to be part of the Bnei Akiva family and join in our camps. At Bnei Akiva, we try to ensure that every person that wants can come to machane and that’s why Yachad is so important to our movement.

Children with special needs can do amazing things and should be given the chance to socialise with people their own age. Yachad does just this, giving the chanichim a mix between special activities suited to their talents and joining in with regular machane. Older chanichim may help out as madrichim, working in the kitchen, tuck shop and in various activities, giving an unbelievable boost to their self esteem. There is a Jewish message as always, to allow their experience to be a uniquely Bnei Akiva one. So far, Yachad has had an amazing impact not only on the Yachad chanichim, but enlightens and enriches everyone’s experience at camp.