Working at Machanot

All of Bnei Akiva’s machanot are run by dedicated volunteers. From Technikim to Madrichim, and from Head Cooks to Roshim and Sganim; Bnei Akiva needs you to keep running our fantastic machanot.

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When can I be a madrich/a?

The first time you can apply for a tafkid (job) at machane is when you are finishing Year 12. From then on you can apply for a tafkid every summer and winter machane.


What are my options?

You can apply for either a Hadracha or Technical tafkid. Hadracha madrichim run all the activities for the chanichim, from tochniot and kvutzot,

to chugim and shiurim. Technical madrichim take responsibility for the logistics of machane, from responsibilities in the kitchen to building the eruv and looking after the site.

Senior tafkidim include being Rosh, Sgan, Head Cook, T.O. or Rakaz. If you are interested in a senior tafkid contact the Technical Director.

When will I find out my tafkid?

Summer tafkidim are announced two months before machane and winter tafkidim are announced one month before machane. You will find out the exact date when you apply for machane.

Will I definitely get my first choice of tafkid?

When you apply for a tafkid you apply to be a madrich at machane and we ask you to state a preference to try and accommodate your wishes. However we cannot promise any tafkid before the application process is completed, and changes may need to be made to accommodate staffing requirements. We appreciate you applying for a tafkid but ask that you understand that we try our best to accommodate hundreds of people.

Why do I have to pay for my first tafkid?

The charge for first time madrichim covers the cost of training, including our new improved leadership training scheme, H Plus, which comprises hadracha, welfare and first aid training. The charge also goes towards subsidising precamp. It is an investment in your leadership, your personal development and in the continued success of Bnei Akiva.