Roshim: Adam Shasha & Gideon Kershner

Sganim: Eli Maman & Amy Landes

Address of Sviva: The Bayit, 72 Singleton Road

Shabbat Ha’irgun Date: 28 February 2014

Email: (are you on our mailing list?)

Times of Activities: Winter 3-5pm & Summer 3:30-5:30

The best thing about your sviva: We’’re the biggest Sviva in the UK!

Interesting fact about your sviva: We are the only Sviva to have our own Bayit.

Famous previous members of your Sviva: Yehuda Avner, Rav Kook, Rabbi Andrew Davies, Simon Levy, Daniel Gillis, Shimon Gillis, The Shasha family

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