Application and Medical Form Summer Terms & Conditions

I hereby declare that

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to the best of my knowledge, this form is accurate and complete. I understand that Bnei Akiva will not be responsible for any medical condition either physical or emotional, resulting from my failure to disclose relevant information prior to my child arriving at camp.

I understand that pre-existing conditions that have not been declared may result in my child being returned home immediately at my expense and no refund given.

I understand the Insurance Group Policy will become void if pre-existing medical information has not been declared. For the insurance policy wording please see our website

I have noted that it is Bnei Akiva’s practice to provide over the counter medication at camp and I have declared any allergies that my child may have to such medication on this form. If for any reason it is deemed necessary, I accept that my child will be taken to visit the local doctor and/or hospital.

If my child becomes ill before camp, Bnei Akiva will require a doctor’s letter stating that my child is fit and well enough to attend.

All medication must be handed in at the beginning of camp for safety reasons. I will inform my child of this before s/he leaves for camp. Additionally, I will not send my child to camp with any extra medication that has not been declared (in section 4) as this comprises a danger to both my child and other children.

Cancellation Policy:
Bnei Akiva reserves the right to deduct an administration fee of £50 from all cancelled applications. Cancellations after the application deadline will be refunded as follows:

  • 4 weeks or more prior to camp – 100%
  • 3 weeks or more prior to camp – 75%
  • 2 weeks or more prior to camp – 50%
  • 10 days or more prior to camp – 25%
  • 10 days or less – Zero refund

PLEASE NOTE: Mas Chaver will NOT be refunded